Walking Experiences

Walking can change your life… This collation of personal walking stories will inspire you into action!

Personal Stories of Walks & Walking

Beverley’s 50th Birthday at Machu Picchu

Beverley hits 50 and decides to celebrate on top of a great big mountain!  She climbs over 4 kilometres into the sky with a body that’s as strong as she was when she was in her 20s. <Read more>


Personal Stories of Walks & Walking

Yvonne Shepherd tells us how she got into walking and Women’s Fitness Adventures

Yvonne worked in the Corporatocracy for years and then suddenly “woke up” to what her life could look like.  Fitness was paramount, hiking adventures were her Bliss and this is the story of how it all came together!  Read more………

Personal Stories of Walks & Walking



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