Another Woman’s Outdoor Adventures!

Yvonne Shepherd is the wonderful brain & body behind the Women’s Fitness Adventures that steps out of Brisbane, my old home town.  If you’re a Queenslander near Brissy then YOU are in luck.  (unless you’re male in this particular instance). Continue reading Another Woman’s Outdoor Adventures!

My Machu Picchu Birthday Walk

I’d like to introduce you to Beverley, of Sydney, Australia, who decided to walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 years ago at Xmas 2013 to celebrate her 50th birthday.  Beverley’s story of her climb is inspirational because it Continue reading My Machu Picchu Birthday Walk

Over the Hill, in a Manner of Speaking!

Once we hit, what 40? these days, we are taught by this consumer culture that we’re all over the hill.  True?  Do you feel that?  Women rush off to Botox their faces into smooth planes as if wrinkles are the Continue reading Over the Hill, in a Manner of Speaking!