Stonking Great News – A Congruent Life in 2016

Right – I’ve decided to put it out to the Universe and tell you my stonking great news of living a congruent life in 2016!  I’m so excited I just have to share it with you.

Where to start?  So we all know ad nauseum now that I wanted to go on the Camino for nearly 40 years and last year I finally DID it!

But another long-held dream, the type you feel live in your bones, in your waters, in the very heart of you, has been, since the early 80s, to build a rammed-earth home.  That was the dream with the current boyfriend of the time.

And here I have to say that for all my life, until these last couple of years, I would never have contemplated making my dreams come true all by myself!

So when that boy and I dissolved, so did that sweet dream.  But like I said, there are some dreams that won’t disappear.  They keep nagging and niggling and you wish you had, but didn’t, sigh……….

WELL!  I’ve decided to go ahead with Stonking Big Dream #2!  I’m going to go ahead and build a cob home for myself somewhere on a piece of beautiful land with a river or creek running through it and I’m going to unplug from the grid and plug into self-sufficiency!

And there’s not a bloke in sight!  Me on my own two feet at the tender age of 57 (58 next year!).  How do I know I can do it? 

Really I don’t know if I can do it but that’s no longer a reason not to give it a damn good try!  Otherwise I’ll just keep looking like this lady …

copy of pic of woman in car but don't use this one
depending on others to get me going – NO WAY JOSE!

or this, courtesy of a reading I recently had done – full of how the years just gone have been for me –

dreaming in the veggie patch
day-dreaming in the veggie patch

or struck with terror and procrastination like this

tarot swords

NOPE to all of that from now on!  It’s a new 10 year cycle and I for one, intend to get up and at it!  So what needs doing to make it all come true?  Action and more action, is what!

Selling the present house, my darling entity that has sheltered me for nearly 5 years now and which I’ve brought into the 21st century after its spending decades lost in the 60s and before that the 1890s.

Find a caravan.  Find a suitable block of land.

And go from there – to build a solar passive home, a huge veggie garden, install a large water tank and on and on.  I’ve got a folder full of stuff to incorporate into my cob home including a bunch of people who actually help to build the dwelling if you require.

We are all put on this planet to fulfill our talents, not actually to waste our time on being con$umer$ and bill payer$.  That’s what corporations want us to be and they don’t want us thinking for ourselves – they want and need us to hide our lights under bushels.

How do I know I’m going to be able to cob or even like it?  Well, I had to build up and repair my front stone fence when I moved here as the dogs could easily jump over it.  So I discovered rendering and cement and sand and mortar and shoving stones in gaps and smoothing the surface with my hands – it was very very satisfying!

I’m going to call this new lot of posts “A Congruent Life”.  Here’s what that means (no affiliation – just a clear presentation of congruency).  It all just feels so RIGHT!  (daunting but RIGHT!)

buen camino,


About Nancy Liddle

In 2014 I walked from Seville to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, some 800 ks I walked, aged 56. I learnt that no matter what age we are, our bodies are strong work-horses. Ageing doesn't have to be the nightmare that our culture feeds us. We can be strong and vital and energetic! And meditation exercises our minds. Clearly these discoveries have impacted my life deeply.

7 thoughts on “Stonking Great News – A Congruent Life in 2016

  1. Way to go Nancy! That’s wonderful news. I look forward to hearing more. The best plans take time to formulate and then trust in the Universe to deliver! It will happen! So pleased for you.

    • Thanks so much Cathy – I look forward to hearing about your own move to the hills – maybe you can do a series of posts about that with pix? The universe just wants us to be truly US – authentic, congruent. 😀

  2. That’s exciting Nancy! 🙂 I look forward to your future posts AND I hope we see real pics of a super woman creating her stonking great idea (that’s you) 🙂

    • thanks Donna – i firmly believe it will – this little mouse turning into stonking mouse! thanks for your lovely encouragement – it truly en-courage-s me!