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Speaking topics

I am passionate about the topic of ageing! Here are some topics that I would love to speak on, and am open to discovering how I can help and inspire your group of baby boomers.

Our Ageing Bodies are Stronger Than We Think! At the age of 56 I walked nearly 1000 kilometres in 70 days along the Camino in Spain. I was relatively unfit to start with and through my own journey and the journeys of my fellow ageing adventurers I discovered that our bodies are much stronger than many of us believe. This inspiring talk will have your group feeling inspired to get off their chairs and out to make the most of life!

Living with Depression and Getting on With The Adventure of Life. Some days are easier than others!  In my talks I share inspiring stories and methods to counter the mind-numbing fog that depression can bring. Depression and anxiety affects 3 million Australians every year and it is thought that 10-15% of mature aged people experience depression and 10% experience anxiety.  I suspect the actual numbers are far higher.

Unfortunately there are still many stigmas attached to the conditions. My talks are designed to start a new conversation about depression and give sufferers and their families and friends a new context and tools for beating the black dog.

How to Enjoy Getting Older. I believe that there is a toxic notion in our society that ageing is practically a disease! Older people have been given the short straw and my talks will inspire them to see that getting older is a wonderful thing despite the arthritis and wrinkling body parts!  All of which I have!

A change of attitude will change your life and I am thrilled to be part of an exciting new conversation that encourages older people to celebrate their age, to use their bodies  adventurously and make the most of our longevity.

Meditation and Walking – the prescription for a healthy ageing. Meditation and walking are powerful tools for both body and mind. We live in a culture that jumps to prescribe pills for all that ails. Through daily meditation and wonderful long walks we are able to manage many of the ailments that we suffer from.

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In the interests of giving back, I am offering my speaking services free until the end of 2015.

What this means is that I will speak to your group, organisation, club or committee on the topics I care most about and you only need cover my cost of travel.

I will bring my repertoire of funny and inspiring stories, and help your group of baby boomers get off their chairs and into action.

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