Melbourne, Me and Animal Communications

In the last embers of May, I went down to Melbourne to study Animal Communications for 9 days straight!  It was the best course I’ve ever done in my entire life and one which I doubt I could have done any earlier in my life.  Meaning that I was supremely ready for it NOW.  

I joined 20 other women (and our token male) for an introductory weekend with Carol Gurney of the Gurney Institute in California and that was brilliant!  Carol is a superb teacher, calm, compassionate, so patient with us, and very encouraging.  

But the best was next – a full week of 7 days learning how to communicate with animals.  

This was Module 1 and there were around 11 of us women – some from the Intro and others who’d done the Intro years ago.  Such a beautiful week and lovely women.  Our group energy was such that it felt like a sacred space doing that workshop – separate to the rest of the world outside our room.  

But I thought I would share more information about how we communicated with animals and I suggest you also read this link to get Carol’s own description of it. 

When I signed up for the course I had very little inkling as to what Animal Communication actually was.  All I knew was that I wanted to work with animals and that it somehow involved telepathy and meditation and that for years I’d known I was a bit psychic.  Not much to go on, but it felt right to enrol. (I couldn’t have been “righter”!!!)

So as a room full of students, and following Carol’s instructions to the letter, we began to telepathically communicate with each other’s animals.  We sat in our room at the Ceres Community Environment Park , we meditated to quieten our minds and we opened up our hearts to the photo of the animal in front of us.  

Believe me when I say that it works!  All or most of us felt a warm sensation in our chest area each time we “communicated”.  In fact, for me, I would say that if I didn’t feel that warmth then I would have to deepen my meditative state to open up that space.  

In any case, for skeptics, Carol’s success rate is remarkable.  We were able to speak with our animals by asking questions and receiving fleeting images, impressions, feelings and sensations.  We wrote everything down and these were then relayed to the person of that animal who said Yes when it was right and a polite Nyet when we were off the mark.

(In order to somehow show that you are speaking with a certain animal, you would ask a question that only the person of that animal could verify – something that you yourself couldn’t possibly know.)

There are 4 major areas that Animal Communicators work in and they are Behavioral, Physical, Death or Dying, and Lost. 

In Behavioral, your animal might be doing something that isn’t normal for your darling – a behaviour might include spraying the sofa when you go out.  Or if a horse, then tossing the rider for no apparent reason.  So you might approach an animal communicator to discover the distress behind the behaviour and its solution.  An animal will let a communicator know what s/he needs to solve the problem.

Your beloved animal might have a Physical problem which seems to defy all tests at the vet’s.  You might ask the Communicator to talk with the animal about their physical health. I have a friend who did just that and was told that her little pup was feeling just awful, that his liver might need looking at and his skin made him feel dreadful.  She has now changed his diet and will monitor his degree of comfort.

In Death and/or Dying, you might wonder if your animal would like to “go” now and with assistance.  You might approach the communicator with a few questions about them passing, are they going to come back, how will you know them and so on.

And if your animal is lost a communicator may be able to help you find him or her.  The communicator will ask the animal telepathically to show the place where they are – the animal relays the images and responds to further questioning by the communicator.  The person of that animal may or may not recognise the vicinity.

The beauty of Animal Communication, of which I am only a beginning student, is that it gives animals a voice in this difficult world.  Animals suffer at human hands daily.  This work gives them a chance to speak up and communicate what they need – which in the end, really, is our happiness.  Animals love unconditionally – domesticated ones.

I’m writing this post to reassure you that there’s nothing unusual about it at all.  We are all capable of telepathy.  And we have all experienced it in our lives already.  You think of a friend you haven’t spoken to for years and they call you on the phone.  You know what your spouse is going to say before they say it.  And so on.

Here’s my offer to you – and it’s FREE.  

As part of my studies in Module 2 of this 6 Module course, I have to work on 20 different case studies.  That is, I have to communicate with 20 different animals, be they dog, cat, horse, whatever!  (In the course in Melbourne, I communicated with a galah and a horse as well as dogs and cats.)

If you have an issue in one of the 4 categories I described and you would like to “have a go” – then email me at with a photo of your animal, the issue and I will communicate with your animal.  I will stay in my house and communicate from there.  You don’t need to move from your house or take your animal anywhere.  It’s all done via telepathy.  

Because it’s a free service, not only are you helping me to gain experience, but you will also gain a solution to the problem you may be having with your animal.  Just bear in mind that as a beginning student, I can’t give any guarantees.

I WILL say that my success rate in verifiable facts/information in Melbourne was 60 – 80%.  As part of the service, you also agree to fill out 2 evaluation forms on my handling of the case which I then forward to the Institute.  All via email.  And you agree that I can write up the case involving your animal and you and forward that to the Institute, where the focus is on my progress and your details are kept confidential.

Amazingly, it doesn’t even have to be in Australia.  You might live in the UK or America, anywhere.

Anyway – many thanks for reading all of this and I look forward to even just one person responding to my post with an email to

Are YOU that one person?  😀

Happy journey! (Buen Camino!  Woof woof!)




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In 2014 I walked from Seville to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, some 800 ks I walked, aged 56. I learnt that no matter what age we are, our bodies are strong work-horses. Ageing doesn't have to be the nightmare that our culture feeds us. We can be strong and vital and energetic! And meditation exercises our minds. Clearly these discoveries have impacted my life deeply.

13 thoughts on “Melbourne, Me and Animal Communications

  1. Sounds fascinating Nancy! Unfortunately I don’t have a pet in my life of the animal kind…

    • your comment sort of begs the question but I won’t go there! 😀 Keep me in mind if you have a friend with an animal and there’s a problem of some kind that might be fixable.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I found this blog utterly fascinating!
    None of my animals fit into any of the four categories but if I speak to anyone that does I’ll recommend them to you.
    Hope you get some pets to work with.

    • Thanks Anne – of course I’d love you to refer your animal-loving friends to me. I forgot to say that in the post! Thanks for the encouraging comments. 😀

  3. That is a fascinating article. It is great to know there are people that can help animals and their owners communicate. I especially love communicating on dying. As a pet owner it is so hard to know when the right time is. You want to give them a quality life but you don’t want them to be in pain. I can see having a communicator would be so helpful.

    • Yes – I have been in that position a few times now when you think it could be the right time but maybe it isn’t? And now there’s the knowledge that asking them is available to us. Amazing stuff! Thank you for reading my blog. 😀

  4. I would love to get involved in this line of communication. It fits in with my new world view. Humans have pillaged the world for eons. Animals deserve to be heard and the only way is if we evolve to THEIR level. Would love to know more about the next stage for you…

  5. Far out, I loved this so much. We have tried to book in with Anna Breytenbach (from the last video you posted), she is so busy and always booked out. I didn’t realise there are other people doing it too. I feel a really strong connection to animals (but not insects!) and I would love to experience this training!

    Such an interesting post! I don’t have any animals sadly – but my auntie has a very nutty and insecure dog. Maybe I will send you a photo!

  6. I too found this really fascinating. I recently watched a beautiful story on a panther that was suffering from depression on youtube and an animal communicator was able to bring out a whole new personality. It was a really amazing story. Great work you’re doing there.

    • Thanks so much Sandra – it’s a wonderful new career path for me that I can see will take me into my sunset years! A retirement plan. I was blessed that I had the opportunities to do the course – the Universe made all paths (?) converge. I’m glad you enjoyed it and if you want any comms done then let me know at .