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I didn’t truly know what a Camino was until I walked my very own in September and October of 2014.

The word Camino literally means “I walk”.  It is also the name given to paths hundreds of kilometres long all over Spain which lead medieval pilgrims to a town called Santiago de Compostela – St James (Iago) of the Field of Stars.

I undertook one of these life changing walks in 2014 at the age of 56 – it took me 60 days and has inspired me to look at my life with a whole new perspective. This is one of the magical things about The Camino and it becomes an addiction for many who dare tread!

I met some wonderful people along the way, and I asked 3 of them – Vicky, Kinga and Gregor to share their experiences in a series of interviews.

If you have not walked The Camino – this is a chance to live vicariously through the experiences of these baby boomers, and if you have this will trigger some of your own wonderful memories, just as it has for me.

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