Stories of Life, Hope and Living with Depression

Depression affects so many people, yet much of us feel alone. Here people share their stories and you might find your story shared through someone else’s life…

Stories of People with Depression

Catherine’s Story: A Cycle of Depression & A Big Life Change.

Catherine Meredith is a super inspiring woman who at 52 chose to give her life long cycle of depression the heave ho. <<Read More>>

Stories of People with Depression

Mim’s Story: How I deal with my depression

Mim shares her experiences with depression and what she has learned about her own needs when t he black dog visits. <<Read More>>

Stories of People with Depression

FF Jensen’s Story: Being “Down” Doesn’t Mean Being “Out”: Managing Bipolar Depression

FF Jensen shares her journey with Bipolar and how she achieves her goals despite having depressive episodes sometimes. <<Read More>>.

Stories of People with Depression

Anonymous Story: The Black Dog of the Family

An anonymous writer’s story about recognising the impact their parents’ relationship had on them <<Read More>>

Stories of People with Depression

Dale Skinner’s story:  Into the Headwind of Bipolar ll 

Dale shares his experience of finally getting a correct diagnosis for Bipolar ll at the age of 28 and his magnificent ride just recently <<Read More>>


Share your story!

If you would like to share a story of your own experience with depression please do! You can include your name or have it be completely anonymous – up to you 🙂

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