The Black Dog in My Family

Looking back, I can say that both my parents were depressed…my inheritance.

My father’s father had fought in WW2 in Africa and related very poorly to his only son when he returned.  Dad’s mother was a bubbly type who married a very introverted, possessive man and it dampened her spirits year after year.

My late mother was abused as a child and found trusting people very hard throughout her adult life, especially herself.  I remember she spent a lot of my life lying in bed.  My parents eloped when Mum got pregnant.  They were barely 20. 

That was in the late 1950s.  15 years later they would divorce after one and a half decades of great unhappiness together – divorce back then was an arduous process.  That they stuck it out for 15 years says something!

Their depression was handed down to their children.

I didn’t suspect I had it until later in life.  But I can see that it was there the whole time.  A lack of joy, a lack of happiness, 24/7 tension growing up with 2 miserable parents.

My own life is littered with the remnants of depression.  Unsuccessful marriages, an inability to settle in one place, looking for but not finding “it” – the holy grail of inner peace.

I function well professionally – I get a lot of job satisfaction when employed, having a fiercely inquiring mind.

And I have reached a place in time and space where I am taking charge of how depression visits me daily.  I give it direction rather than vice versa.  There are ways of dealing with depression – tablets, meditation and exercise, not to mention diet and companionship.

I thought I would share this with you as your site promotes the very things that I have found helpful in my own dealings with depression.

Thank you,


One thought on “The Black Dog in My Family

  1. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I really feel for your mother – abused so young, then marrying so young. And the fallout on their children. The more we open up about it, the more the bonds of friendship deepen. I know this much from personal experience. Let us know how you get on,

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