Reflections on the First Part of My Camino
Over the Hill, in a Manner of Speaking!
Why Walking is the New Black!
What Our Bodies Are Capable Of


“Your journey to ageing adventurously
starts with a single step.”


I am going on an adventure

Welcome to Walk Sit.

This is the place where I, Nancy, a teaching, hiking, solo female travelling, dog- loving, baby boomer explore ageing outside of the glaring lights of youth culture.

This is where I test the strengths and abilities of my body and mind and hopefully inspire one person – you – to join me in the inevitable adventure of growing older.

There is no reason why we should creep into our 60s, 70s and 80s sad and unseen, getting weaker and more feeble with each passing year. 

My hope is that if you can see me; a flawed, relatively unfit, ordinary woman – handle depression, get off the couch and do something exciting, you may decide that you can too.

– Nancy

Inspiring Speaker Baby Boomers.

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